Pawtree Pet Products

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We feed All our doggies and puppies PAWTREE because it’s ALL natural and the BEST thing for our beloved pets! You don’t have to transition from puppy to adult food ever! One stop shopping for all your furbaby needs! Made in the USA and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!!

You MUST purchase the food and at least 1 topper before you get your new baby! They love the food and they LOVE the toppers! I recommend getting the Xlarge bag of food, you get (3) 10 pound bags for freshness and saves $$. I also recommend getting at least 3 of the toppers!! They LOVE the toppers!!

They LOVE these treats! We start the pups out on Beef Liver treats but they love them all!! The bakery items are a fun thing for kids to do for their puppies!!

We USE all these products! I highly recommend always having the gastro plus the ears wash/dry at ALL times! We give all our doggies the CBD Mega daily! The flea and tick spray is great as well! We also give all our doggies a squirt a day of the Salmon oil to keep their coats soft and shiny!

For good dental health we recommend giving your furbabies a dental stick per day!

Pawtrees grooming product smells AMAZING!! The shampoo is a MUST and the deodorizing mist is a spray to keep them smelling yummy!!

Potty and Training
The urine eliminator is a MUST for a new puppy!! The Oxy shot is also great to keep on hand !!