Kathy and Jan

Kathy and Jan met through their love of horses over 3 years ago. Ever since they met, they’ve been almost inseparable! Since they only live 5 minutes away from each other, they are always looking for things to do together, such as road trips, shopping, taking their dogs on walks or to the dog park together, and going to the farm to see their horses!

Kathy has been a devoted stay at home wife for 43 years. She has 2 grown sons, 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson. She has always loved animals of all kinds, but dogs have always been her favorite. She’s never had just one! Over the course of her life, she has owned many different breeds of dogs and loves them all no matter what their shape, size or colors are! Currently, she’s the mother of 3 Cavapoos (Annie, Allie, and Poppie), a yellow Lab named Jack, and a Yorkie named Luna. She also has a beautiful male Paint Horse named Caspian and enjoys spending her time with him at the barn. Kathy also enjoys being around her grandchildren, her 2 sisters, Debbie and Shirley, and the rest of her family. Larry, her husband of 43 years, often jokes that when he dies he wants to return as one of her dogs! Kathy loves walking her dogs, taking road trips with Jan, and doing anything else that includes animals! Kathy and Larry often go on hiking trips and take 2-3 of their dogs along with them! Kathy is dedicated to and hopeful to bring others joy through her Cavapoos!

Jan has always worked full time and has been in the transportation business for over 20 years. She is happily married to her husband, Billy, and they’ve been together for 23 years! Jan has two grown children, Danny and Brittney. Surprisingly enough, Jan wasn’t a dog person until she met her beloved Cavapoo, Rex, now she is in absolute love with Cavapoos and wants to share the happiness that Cavapoos have brought her with you! Jan has owned several horses over the past few years, but now only has one, her mare named Sweetie Pie! Jan loves being outdoors, riding horses, going to horse shows, reading, and spending time with her friends and family! When she can, she also enjoys traveling with her husband, Billy!