F1 vs F1B vs F1BB

There are always many questions regarding the different generations of Cavapoos and what they mean. Below we have made a guide based on how we, Kathy’s Cavapoos, breed our babies.

Many people are dead set on one or another based on what they believe they will look like. Please remember that just like humans, our babies will always be different. Sometimes an F1 may look like an F1B or even an F1BB or vice versa. This also goes for weight and height also! We typically give a range based on the parents weights, and typically thats how big (or small) your baby will be, BUT sometimes genetics takes over and it could range a little! We are only humans (and pups!) we can’t predict everything! We hope that you will love your baby because they’re part of your family & we can’t wait to be apart of helping you join a new family member!