Make sure to check our Available Puppies page! You will find any available puppies there!

Otherwise, make sure to check our Upcoming Litters page to see who is expecting!

We do have waiting lists, please visit our deposits page for more information and contact us to secure a spot on our waiting list!

We sure do!

Our babies come with a 1 year health guarantee on genetics and come with 30 days of free pet insurance through Trupanion! We do ask that once you pick up your baby you bring them to your veterinarian within 3 business days.

Unfortunately, we do not allow visitors before pick up for a number of reasons.

Mainly because our babies are not vaccinated until they are around 7 weeks old. We do not want any of our newborns to catch outside germs that may be brought in when a number of people are coming in and out of the house! It also really stresses our mama’s out when people are constantly taking their newborns away from them!

We welcome everyone in our home to come to pick up at 9 weeks 🙂

Please visit our Puppy Parents page to see all of our amazing mamas and dads 🙂

We have a professional photographer that comes once a week to take pictures! For this reason, we guarantee pictures every 5-7 business days.

Please remember the health of our babies are more important than pictures!

Each puppy varies due to genetics.

We typically give a ballpark range based on what their parents weight. However, it is absolutely possible they could grow a few extra pounds OR stop growing before they hit the weight range!

Our babies range in price! Each individual puppy has their price posted on the Available Puppies page! 🙂

We allow our babies to go home once they reach 9 weeks!

Yes! You can have your puppy flown to you via our wonderful flight nannies! Please see our Delivery Service page for more information!

When you pick up your baby they will be up to date on their vaccines based on how old they are! Make sure to bring them to your veterinarian in order to keep them on schedule for the remainder of their vaccines!

Typically, puppies are not fully vaccinated until they are 16 weeks!

We do not believe in microchipping our babies at such a young age! We do highly recommend you get them microchipped once they’re bigger!