Meet and Greet

Here at Kathy’s Cavapoos, we want to guarantee you have the best possible puppy that suits you and your lifestyle! Therefore, we offer “Meet and Greets” so that we can be confident that one of our Cavapoos is the best choice for you!

We cordially invite you to meet our puppies! We will happily work with you to schedule a time to meet our puppies and puppy parents where we are located and would love to have you visit us! For more information, please contact us! You can find our information on our “Contact Us” page! We also post regularly on our Facebook Page, which you can also find on our “Contact Us” page, so please come join us as we continue to update about our puppy parents and litters! We are very proud of our Cavapoos and want to share the joy they bring us with you!

Our Stories

Our meet and greet services began with the story of someone who I, Jan, was recently in contact with through our Facebook Page, her name is Kimberly! Kimberly had a recently gotten another puppy but soon found out that the puppy wasn’t working out for their family. As heartsick as they all were, they had to rehome their brand-new family member, which was a devastating experience for all of them to have to go through! We invited her and her family, who currently live in Memphis, Tennessee, to visit us in Chattanooga, TN and spend the day with our 3 Cavapoos: Rex, Allie, and Annie! Her family, including her three children, their ages between 1 and 10, all came to visit us and our Cavapoos! It was such a fantastic experience for all of us, and such a beautiful thing to see their hearts melt as they met and interacted with our dogs! Their smart choice of taking the time to meet our dogs not only helped them decide whether or not a Cavapoo was the right fit for their family but also inspired our “Meet and Greet” service! Thank you so much, Kimberly!

Kimberly’s family with our Cavapoos!

September 9th, 2019

This evening with a sweet lady named Veda was very special to us. Veda came to Jan's house to visit Rex. Rex fell in love with her immediately and made sure she was his company, he spent every moment he could with her!

After Veda spent some time with Rex and Jan, the three took a trip over to Miss Kathy's house to spend time with Allie, Annie, and Poppie! She was able to see where our babies lived and got a wonderful chance to interact with all of them, as well as see how they interacted with each other. We all enjoyed the company and Veda just adored our Cavapoos!

I was very honest with this sweet lady and let her know about Poppies litter and the huge amount of interest in her puppies. Veda was completely confident in what she wanted, a small, ruby-colored female. I knew, with Poppie's litter, that the chances of this happening were slim to none.

We discussed this for a while, and I gave her information on 3 other breeders that bred small Cavapoos and that I would recommend. I called one of the breeders that had recently had a litter and she had one small red female left! It was perfect for Veda! Within an hour, we had pictures of the beautiful puppy, discussed more, and Veda had made a deposit for her dream puppy by the time she left! She will be picking her up next month, and we are all so fortunate that this opportunity worked out in her favor! Thank you for coming to visit us Veda!

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September 10th, 2019

We had another amazing Meet and Greet today with Tina and her sweet daughter. Lauren! They were able to meet and play with Rex, Allie and Annie!
It was so beautiful seeing the joy our precious Cavapoos brought them, and the happiness spread among all of us! After spending time playing with and enjoying our Cavapoos, they decided they would be patient and wait for one of our puppies!
We love showing our babies and their amazing, loving personalities to others, and we were so happy that we could bring happiness to Tina and Lauren! Thank you so much for coming to visit us!
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Tina, and Lauren with our Cavapoos: Rex, Allie and Annie

September 21st, 2019

We had a fantastic day with Melissa and Chris at the dog park! They were introduced to all of our puppies, but we also met another Cavapoo and his owner also named Chris! By the end of the meet and greet, we were able to match Chris and Melissa up with a fantastic breeder so they were able to get their dream puppy! Thank you for coming to visit us today!

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September 28th, 2019

We had a wonderful meet and greet with Becca and her boyfriend, Derek! They are parents of a beautiful 8 month old Cavapoo named Luna! After talking with Becca for a while, they both decided to come meet our chocolate Cavapoo, Abbie. It was a beautiful match and they were so happy being with Abbie and vice-versa! Miss Kathy and I decided to let our precious little Abbie go to be a part of Becca and Derek's family! We will miss our precious Abbie, but we know that she is going to a fantastic home where she will be spoiled and loved!

December 28th, 2019

Today we had the pleasure of meeting Tom and his wife, Holly! They came to visit us just a few days after Christmas, and even placed a deposit towards one of our puppies! Thank you so much Tom and Holly, and welcome to Kathy's Cavpoos family!
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