Puppy Parents

Allie and Annie

Allie and Annie were both born in the same litter on 1/3/18. Their mom is a Cavalier, and dad is a Toy Poodle.  Their human mommy, Miss Kathy, drove all the way to Ohio to get them from an excellent family breeder. She had initially only planned to pick up Allie but fell in love with sweet Annie, and decided to bring her home too! They are full-blooded sisters and are attached at the hip! You would think they are twins, but they both have very different personalities.

Allie is a beautiful red and is 9 pounds 12 oz.  Allie loves to play and absolutely adores being outside! She is very well behaved but loves to aggravate her sister, Annie! Allie loves being snuggled in her mommy’s lap and is very good with Miss Kathy’s small granddaughters who are two and four years old.  She is very patient, yet very energetic and playful!

Annie is a beautiful white tri-color, she has some browns and reds, and she is our biggest Cavapoo at just over 11 pounds. Annie got her soft silky, wavy hair from her Cavalier mommy. Annie has a sensitive, compassionate personality. She gets her feelings hurt easily. She loves being a lap dog and would rather be in her mommy’s lap than anywhere. Annie is the sweetest girl. She loves her big doggie brother jack and follows him everywhere. Sometimes Allie hurts her feelings, and Miss Kathy must soothe her, but she’s still a sweetheart! Annie loves children and will sit quietly and watch them play, but loves, even more, when they interact with her, pet her and show her love!


Bridgette is a 3 year old red and white parti female and she will be bred to Rex to make f1b babies!


Deek is our chocolate toy poodle who will be bred to Dixie to make chocolate babies.


Dixie is a beautiful chocolate phantom Cavapoo who has made a fantastic addition to Kathy’s family!


Dolly is a beautiful red Cavapoo!


Piper is Dolly’s sister and has a beautiful red and white coat with frosted tips!


Poppie came to us by surprise, but as an awesome surprise! I was searching one day for a new baby, as I sometimes do, and I came across an ad starring Poppie! Poppie was almost 2 when we got her. Poppie’s family had to rehome her due to her family having to move and being unable to take her.  Poppie had initially come from Grovesburg, Missouri, from a very reputable breeder. We have all the paperwork on her.  Her birthday is 8/8/2017.

Poppie is very tiny, in fact, she is our smallest, weighing only 6 pounds! She is blonde with short little legs! Poppie got her looks from her Poodle daddy, her fur being curlier than the others we have. Poppie is so sweet and loving, but don’t let her size fool you! She will run, play, and still keep up with all the others! Poppie is our only Cavapoo that likes her space sometimes. She will sometimes go into her crate and sleep alone, or she will curl up with Miss Kathy in her big bed, depending on how she is feeling that night.


Rebel is our first Toy Poodle that we are introducing to our family and is a beautiful dark red! He will be bred with Dolly, Piper and Darcy to make gorgeous f1b puppies who will be more hypo allergenic for severe allergy sufferers!


Rex was born on 12/27/18 in Indiana. His mom is a Cavalier, and his dad is a Toy Poodle. Rex is 10.4 pounds, a beautiful red color, and ALL BOY!!  Rex enjoys playing with all his toys, running around, and meeting new dogs, people, and children! He even immediately rolls over when you speak to him for a tummy rub! Rex gets to go to work with his mommy every Thursday and Friday, where he is known as the “Lipsey Therapy dog”, he fills everyone’s hearts with joy! Rex has a charming, loving, and playful personality, sleeps with his mommy every night and doesn’t like it when she isn’t within his sight.  He is very social and loves people! Some of his favorite activities include riding in the car, going to the dog park, PetSmart, and the farm to visit his horse sister, Sweetie Pie, and most especially going to visit his Aunt Kathy!  He loves going to play with his Cavapoo girlfriends, Poppie, Allie and Annie.  Rex is extremely special to his mommy, Jan. Before Rex she wasn’t a dog person, now he’s a valued member of her family that she takes everywhere with her!