Recently Sold Puppies

January 24th, 2020

Allie had a litter of 6 beautiful puppies! She had 5 males and one female!

Cabbie Rae

Cabbie Rae found her home in Florida!


Chester went to Massachusetts!


Georgie also found his home in Florida!


Kash found his home in West Virginia!


Kobe ventured to and found his home in Ohio!


Maverick found his home in Tennessee!

September 29th, 2019

Poppie had her beautiful babies on September 29th, 2019! All three of them are a beautiful, solid red color, like their father, Rex! Poppie had two gorgeous females and one sweet little boy, we are absolutely in love with them! All 3 babies have been reserved and currently have deposits towards them. Congratulations to the 3 lucky families that will be adding these babies to their homes and families!

Their mother, Poppie, is amazing and has been fantastic from giving birth to caring for them at their young age, she is also very protective of her babies! She is such a wonderful mother!

Angel (Formally named Ella Rose)

Our first female puppy weighed 5 ounces and we named her Ella Rose! She was renamed to Angel and went home on November 24th, 2019!

Bo (Formally named Rex Jr.)

Bo, formally named Rex Jr., weighed 7 ounces at birth and went home on November 24th, 2019!

Pippie (Formally named Harper Kate)

Pippie, formally named Harper Kate, also weighed 7 ounces at birth and went home on November 30th, 2019!